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Alaska Native Grass Seed

Alaska Native Grass Seed

We have found a few varieties of grass seed that do very well in our climate; most of them are Alaskan Native Species.

Nugget Bluegrass

Application: 3 lbs per 1000 sq. ft., along with 20 lbs fertilizer and 40 lbs lime
Germination time: 21 days

We use a bluegrass called “Nugget” that was found growing wild on the beach at Nome. The University of Alaska worked to isolate and develop a good lawn grass from this wild grass, and the result is a turf that is thick, dark blue-green and disease-resistant. This rich dark-green turf is used as the fairway on the golf course in Gustavus and it is now the most desired bluegrass in America. It just will not die during the winter. It is suitable for bright places, and will ultimately dominate any lawn where it thrives.

Boreal Red Fescue

Application: 5 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.
Germination time: 20 days

This red fescue works well in wet or shady places. A grass from the Interior, it was developed by the University of Alaska. Boreal exhibits the same toughness as the bluegrass. Suitable for wet or shady locations, it serves well for an understory species in forest margins. The fescue spreads through underground stems, and makes patches in moist areas where it dominates. The red in its name refers to the seedhead, because it shows a very attractive color in the late summer.

Landscape Alaska Lawn Mix

Application: 7 lbs per 1000 sq. ft., along with 20 lbs fertilizer and 40 lbs lime
Germination time: 10 days for the ryegrass, which provides a nurse crop for the slower-growing species in the mix

We blend the Nugget Bluegrass and the Boreal Red Fescue with two very quick-growing ryegrass species, producing a seed mix that grows in all parts of Southeast Alaska. It makes a sturdy all-purpose lawn, suitable for residential or commercial spaces.

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